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The Fall of the Lilywart Log

The Fall of the Liliywart Log is a module developed for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. This adventure and its module is completely designed by me, including the artwork, maps, and Tavern Callout system.
Critter Class Page.jpg

The Critter Race page from the module.

Critter Race

This adventure takes place deep in a forest filled with all kinds of woodland animals. In order to give the module a bit more of an identity, I created this Critter race so that players could create their very own! I used other animal-adjacent classes created by Wizards of the Coast as guidelines, and filled in some specialties that would give each Critter subrace some unique strengths.

  • Balanced in line with existing races

  • Unique features not found in other races

  • Cute little dudes

Mini Dungeon

Oneshots are always difficult to run because they frequently become more than a single session. I wanted to create a dungeon for this module, but knew that it couldn't be super in depth, at the risk of encountering the multiple session problem. As a compromise, I made a dungeon that was far shorter than typical dungeons, while still including a simple combat encounter and a few interesting puzzles to solve.
  • A medium-difficulty combat encounter 
  • Two puzzles for the players to brute force
  • A fun punchline at the end of the trek
Dungeon Page.jpg

First page that delves into the Beast's Den... Spooky!

den map.png

The Beast's Den map in full. Combat is only likely in area B.


While I am no artist, I was able to find some software that allowed me to make some map layouts for the two areas where combat may occur. I had a great time doing some mock-battles in these areas to make sure there wasn't a dominant strategy anywhere. I also revised these maps based on some feedback I got after playtesting the module. The maps are fairly simple, but this adventure isn't meant to be super complex!
  • Created base maps using online software
  • Added polish using image-editing software
  • Playtested and revised combat-focused areas
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